Rapunzel on Flickr.
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It’s been five months and I’m still not tired of Let It Go.

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Mermaid Mosaic on Flickr.
Little details like this in queues for the rides make my heart happy.
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Your comment on that post about disney princesses just about made me life you are the queen I bow to you 💙💙💛💚❤️💜💗

Yes! I think the only princess who attempted to marry a man she just met was our precious Anna.

I took a different view point though and took time into account. We don’t really see the prince and the princess getting to know each other the way we would see it today, with conversation and difficulty in the relationship. This is true mostly in the older princess movies. But with Eugene and Rapunzel, Belle and The Beast… we do see a love grow. We don’t really see this with Snow and The Prince and Cinderella and Charming. 

If time wasn’t considered though, the point that these characters are falling in love right away can be considered valid as we see very little questioning of “is this love actually true?” or not. 

Thank you for the sweet comment. :) I love all my princesses so much and I will defend them to no end! 

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Princess Cinderella_8777 (by Disney-Grandpa)
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